Arf & Yes is an international lighting & set design company, creating fascinating projects that intersect visual concept with live performances, music, fashion and broadcasting.

Designing for live performances is where our roots lie. This results in over 30 years of experience in the high end entertainment industry.

Our open approach to collaboration led to the design of some of the most inspiring lighting, stage & set designs. We combine multiple creative and technical skills in our productions.

Most of our assignments start as an ambitious idea; we design, create and produce this idea into a fabulous visual (live) experience. For this we work in alliance with our clients to create the most innovative shows in response to today’s audiences.

Arf & Yes Excels in 3 segments of the entertainment business:
concept, stage and lighting design for international music projects, lighting design for international fashionshows, and lighting & set design for national & international TV-formats.

Some of our recent references:
Arf & Yes has been commissioned in the fashion industry

by Villa Eugenie for:
Chanel Haute Couture from 1999 to 2018
Chanel Prêt-à-Porter from 1999 to 2018
Chanel Croisière from 1999 to 2018
Dior from 2010 to 2018
Lanvin from 2005 to 2018
Hermès from 1999 to 2018
Dries Van Noten from 1999 to 2018                                                                                                                Fendi from 2014 to 2018                                                                                                                           Mulberry from 2016 to 2018                                                                                                                                  Y / Project from 2017 to 2018                                                                                                                           Kris Van Assche from 2011 to 2017                                                                                                                 Nina Ricci from 2016 to 2018
Martin Margiela from 1997 to 2009
Sonia Rykiel from 2004 to 2014  

by ESMA Proyectos SL for
Barcelona Fashion from 2008 to 2012

by Bread & Butter for
Bread and Butter Barcelona/Berlin from 2008 to 2009

Arf & Yes has been commissioned in the music industry for lighting and set design

Jean-Michel Jarre (several tours from 2004 to 2014) 
Jean-Michel Jarre (show in Monaco for the marriage of HRH Prince Albert of Monaco) 
Symfonica in Rosso (a.o. Sting with a symphonic orchestra) from 2010 to 2014
'De Mia's' from 2016 to 2018
‘Vrienden Van Amstel’ from 2002 to 2009
‘The TMF-Awards’ 
2 Many Dj's & Soulwax
Festivals such as: Pukkelpop, Rock Werchter, Dour, We Can Dance, Laundry Day, Listen festival & Lokerse Feesten
Belgian bands such as: Arsenal, dEUS, Absynthe Minded, The Subs, Balthazar, Warhaus, J.Bernardt, Soulwax, 2 Many Dj's, Goose, Black Box Revelation, Bent Van Looy, Loïc Nottet, Hooverphonic, Ozark Henry, SX, Trixie Whitley, Novastar, Selah Sue and Lady Linn.

Arf & Yes has been commissioned in the international broadcasting industry for lighting and set design

Jiangsu Television (China) NYE Gala from 2015 to 2018
Los 40 Music Awards (Barcelona) from 2017 to 2018

Arf & Yes has been commissioned in the Belgian broadcasting industry for lighting and set design

Endemol for VTM : 
‘The Voice Van Vlaanderen’ 2012-2018
Endemol for RTBF: 
‘The Voice de Belgique’ 2012-2018

Woestijnvis for Vier: 
‘De Slimste Gemeente 2013’ 
‘De Slimste Mens’, 
‘De Pappenheimers’, 
‘De Laatste Show’

‘Het Nieuws’, 
‘Champions League’ 
‘Can you Duet’ 
’Faroek Live’
’Champions League’
’De Gouden Schoen’

‘De Mia’s’
’De Gouden K’s’
’Worldcup Fifa’ 2014
’Het Weer’ 2017

‘Strictly Come Dancing’ 
Eyeworks for VRT: 
‘Café Corsari’ 
Belgium Lottery for the weekly lotteryshow


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