In 1894, the ‘Nieuw Circus’ (=New Circus) or ‘Winter Circus’ as it became known to the public, was build as a temporary accomodation for travelling circuscompanies. The building was also used for filmscreenings and vaudeville shows.

In 1920, a scorching fire destroyed most of the Circus, but with the help of several parties it was reconstructed. However, euphoria didn’t last long: in 1944, the Circus had to be closed indefinitely.

After WWII, it was used as a storageplace for oldtimers, but at the end of the 20th century, this collection was moved to a museum in Brussels.

During the Ghent Light Festival, the Circus will return in its former glory, thanks to the ‘Shadowspinner’.

This is an installation build according to the chiaroscuro-principle. A subtle play of light and shadow will draw you into the amazing history of the Winter Circus.


Making Of